Lockdown 2 Day 10 Winter Sunshine in Sandwich

Winter Sunshine in Sandwich by Michael Samson

Today is Friday 13th – but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad day. For some it has been a day for good deeds.

This morning I visited Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet’s new ‘shop’ at St George’s church hall, and marvelled at all the healthy food they are selling at very affordable prices. It’s a wonderful community initiative saving food from landfill and keeping Ramsgate folk healthy.

Next I got wind that one of my favourite local artists was doing an online silent art auction for Children in Need. Being in ownership already of no less than four of Michael Samson’s wonderful paintings, you could argue that I should give others a chance. And I thought the same thing, for about two minutes, until I saw ‘Winter Sunshine in Sandwich’. I’m afraid then all chivalry and reserve went out the window. The gloves were off and the sleeves were rolled – that panting was going to be mine!

Not surprisingly I was outbid. It’s a pretty special picture after all, with hints of Lowry, Monet and Pissarro. I fought back courageously, telling myself I was doing it for the kids as much as for my living room. And then…..victory! The painting was mine!

So, as a slight diversion from my usual photo posts, here is the new addition to my art collection. (Sorry for not sharing it earlier – but I think you’ll understand why I held back until just after the auction had finished…)

Coincidentally, a couple of my photographs are in an art auction today too, as part of fundraising for POW. So maybe karma was on my side.

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