Lockdown 2 Day 23: Distant wind farms

The colours in Thanet change so much, sometimes hourly – from indigo blue, to silver, turquoise and then grey. Today it looked like a Rothko painting in the morning and a Manet in the afternoon. Practically the first thing I do upon rising is look out the window to see what mood the sea and sky is in today. It feels weird to think the for some people their view is always the same – I’m not sure I could go back to that now. I think it has made lockdown a lot easier having the daily performance of the clouds and the reflections on the sea to entertain me. The days have been so clear of late that I can clearly see the wind turbines turning in the distance. I love them when they look small and delicate, like they have been sketched onto the horizon in charcoal. When a seagull or two swoops past the theatre intensifies and I can almost taste the thrill of their freedom. I sometimes think that they are putting on a show for us – either to entertain us, or to remind us that we can never be as free as them, especially not now.

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