Lockdown 2 Day 25

Hair band by Ieva of Yarncraft4u

This pandemic has brought out the creativity in many of us, including Ieva – a London friend who has turned a hobby into a micro business, selling beautiful handmade knitted accessories.

I treated myself to a lovely ochre coloured band and am so happy with it. Hats give me a headache so this is a compromise to keep my ears warm. As a bonus it also keeps my hair out of my face when I’m taking photos – no more ruined shots courtesy of stray locks. It’s one of those items that I wasn’t sure I needed but now find indispensable.

The band is made from lovely soft wool and it just feels so nice to have bought something natural, with minimal packaging, and without the discomfort of wondering if someone has been exploited somewhere in the process of making it.

Another bonus of buying direct from an artist is that you also get the personal touch – in this case a lovely handmade note from Ieva thanking me for supporting her creativity. Whether this is a stop gap until the world corrects itself or a new direction for Ieva, I think she deserves as many customers as her hands are fast enough to knit for.

Here’s the link to the Yarn craft Etsy shop – so you too can get a warm fuzzy feeling, from your soft and cosy knitwear and also from buying with a conscience and supporting a fledging business in the process: Yarncraft4u

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