Happy Tier 4 Christmas

So, Kent has all of a sudden moved from Covid Tier 3 to Tier 4 status. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was pitying the folks up north with their Tier 3 misery, while we were happily enjoying near-normal life in Tier 1. How quickly things can change!

Apparently Kent is now host to a mutant strain of the virus, with cases multiplying as quickly as the number of HGV lorries on our motorways. (The latter is thanks to the fast-approaching Brexit – because we’re apparently not going to suffer enough with our Christmas Covid alone, so we have a New Year potential No Deal Brexit to look forward to as well).

And so we’re all trapped here, not allowed out of the zone even to visit family over Christmas – which is incidental really because even if we have family in Kent we’re not allowed to visit them either. While the rest of the country gets one day off for good behaviour we have to stay at home with only a turkey, booze and a copy of the Radio Times to entertain us. We’ll likely be so bored that we might even resort to watching The Queen’s Christmas address this year.

Having to had to close my pop up shop I will at least have ample time to take photographs (as we are allowed outside of our homes for exercise, thank goodness). So, I’ll do what I did during the last lockdown and try to post a photograph (near enough) every day.

Today’s offering is of a Birchington crochet post box topper, photographed today. I snapped the same topper last year and I swear that all the characters looked really happy then. This year even the teddy looks depressed! I’m guessing Santa has just realised that, now that all the non-essential shops are closed, he’ll be forced to give face-masks, hand-sanitiser and toilet rolls as this year’s Christmas presents. That’ll teach him for leaving his Christmas shopping to the last week…..

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