Out with the old

It’s New Year’s Eve and I think that just about everyone is ready to move on from 2020. Even the Christmas baubles are lacking a certain sparkle this year. Like most people, I’ll be having a rather muted celebration at home. It will be tinged with an extra dose of sadness, with the death of my distant father earlier this year, and now my country’s unnecessary departure from the EU.

The bubbly may taste a bit flat this year, but I can only drown my sorrows and hope for better days to come – even if the world feels like a very different place to the one I knew a year ago. There is hope on the horizon, with the roll out of the new vaccine, and a sense of personal resignation that we are where we are and will just have to deal with it the best way that we can.

In the absence of time spent with friends and family, I am seeking solace through my camera. My daily walks amongst nature bring me comfort, and also a sense of purpose – I’m determined to come out of this all with some positive reflection of it. My New Year’s resolution is try other artistic mediums too, starting with painting after my partner set me along that way with this year’s birthday present. It’s time to finally pluck up the courage to open up those paints and see what I can do. When life brings challenges, make art.

This image is part of my ‘Daily Print’ series and is purchasable as an A4 print here

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