A distant storm

Today was one of those ‘all seasons in one day’ kind of days. One minute it was sunny, then a heavy cloud would suddenly appear. I got caught out in a storm minutes after this photo was taken. I can’t say I wasn’t expecting it, with those ominous clouds on the horizon. It felt more like sleet than rain, soaking me to my skin within seconds. But it was over quickly, so after a quick change of clothes I was out again – enjoying that wonderful clear light after the downpour, helped I’m sure by the reduction in pollution with Kent’s virtual lockdown. Traffic was scarce, but the peace was punctuated by an occasional distant siren – a reminder that Kent is facing another storm right now, in a hospital just up the road. It may feel eerily calm, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a battle going on – one that we are mostly protected from.

This image is part of my ‘Daily Print’ series and is purchasable here

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