Point of Interest

I started out as a street photographer, but I haven’t done much of that in recent years. This daily print project is allowing me to embrace an aspect of photography that I love again.

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this lady purposefully park her pram and whip out her phone. I naturally assumed she was going to photograph one of Margate’s icons, the Lido, as I had just been doing. But no, it appears she is photographing the baby, oblivious of what is in the background. Which is totally understandable because I’m sure it’s very cute – but it just seems to put Margate in its place all the same. It was like the clock had been turned back and the Lido was just a forlorn reminder of what Margate had lost, not of what it had gained. I hope it isn’t a premonition of times to come.

This image forms part of my Daily Print series, and is available to buy here.

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