A Moment

One thing that surprises me when I am out and about with my camera is that, in spite of the cold and the lack of places offering respite from it, I don’t see many miserable people, not even the kids. Maybe when they’re at home it’s a different story, but I haven’t seen any tantrums on the beach, even when it has been bitterly cold or blowing a gale.

I remember when the pandemic first happened I would say “I can handle this; it’s the second wave in winter that I’m dreading”. But so far it isn’t as bad as I had feared. And maybe I’m not the only person feeling that way. Whether it’s parents spending quality time with their kids, or solitary people just being still and embracing nature, there’s a sense that we’re all pressing pause again for a while, and that that isn’t such a bad thing.

I love this image of a mother and child just quietly watching the breaking waves together. It’s a tender moment of peace, comfort and togetherness. I like to think that both will look back on times like these with fondness.

Perhaps not everyone is having such a good lockdown. Apparently the sea reduces anxiety and brings a sense of calm, so people who live by the sea are generally happier, even if their standard of living may be lower. I do feel blessed to live close to the ‘blue pill’ that is helping me not just to get through this, but to embrace parts of it even. Us coastal folks may generally live in areas of deprivation but it seems that, during a time of lockdown, we are rich.

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