Violet Sunset

Violet Sunset

Wow! What a stunning day it has been today. I knew it was something special the moment I awoke – to the sound of birdsong, for the first time in months. And then there was that tantalising bright light peeking through the curtains, teasingly reminding me what spring feels like. I clambered out of bed and, instead of enjoying the sea view, poked my head out of my tiny office window to enjoy the urban show – birds tweeting and hopping, smoke coming from chimneys and the distant banging of construction works, which I actually quite liked because it reminded me of spring mornings in London and Paris. There was even a windmill in the distance, which I could kid myself was the Moulin Rouge.

In spite of the lovely weather, I wasn’t able to get out until just before sunset. But it was worth the wait. As soon as I stepped out of the door I felt the crispness and clarity in the air. After stopping to photograph some rather perturbed seagulls, I reached the main sands just in time for sunset. But as usual I found myself facing in the opposite direction to everyone else. There was just something about those violet colours dancing around the Turner Contemporary that caught my attention. And I just the simplicity of the building, that also has the ability to keep surprising you. How some people can not appreciate the beauty of it defeats me. Maybe they haven’t stopped to really examine it. I guess that’s one gift of Lockdown – the time to just pause and admire a piece of modern architecture.

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