Professional Work

Alongside my fine art, travel and street photography, I’m also a professional photographer with a body of work that has been featured in newspapers and magazines, and supplied to corporate clients including hotels, shops and restaurants.

I also do still photography for film companies, and portraiture work. My portfolio includes still and publicity photographs for the film Guardians; and portraits of the directors Wes Anderson and Roman Polanski – taken in Paris while working as a still photographer for a documentary on Fellini.

While much of my work has been for clients in London and Kent, my commissions have also taken me to Italy, France, Cuba, India and the United States.

I’m also a qualified features writer and can provide full content for the likes of blogs, websites and features.

I’m available for photography (and editorial) work, large or small. Please contact me if you have a project that you would like me to help you with.

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