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Another Time

Every time I see the Gormley statue ‘Another Time’ I think that he must have had a premonition of Covid 19. There’s just something prophetic about the lonely person standing stoically on the shoreline, knowing that the tide will inevitably come in and engulf him, and that he must just hold his ground and take it, until gradually it goes out again. But then it will be back. There is nothing he can do but take it, again and again. He can’t beat the forces of nature. All he can is hope to survive it.

As inevitably as the tide will come in, I will keep photographing the statue, as I’m fascinated by it. For a change, this one is taken from a lower angle to show the seaweed, with a nod to T. S. Eliot’s poem ‘The Wasteland’.

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Lockdown 2 Day 16 – Extra Time

In recognition of the stay of execution for ‘Another Time’ – the statue by Gormley installed near the Turner Contemporary – of no less than 10 years, here’s a photograph of the stoic and solid figure that gets engulfed by the sea twice daily. There is something incredibly moving about watching the figure standing firm in spite of being overwhelmed by the sea. Although I’m happy about the extension, as I would miss looking out for him every time the tide is out, I do pity him having to endure 10 more years of it. I can’t help but wonder what he will look like in 2030, and what this country will look like too.