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Incoming Tide

This is one of those gentle coastal pictures where I like to think that less is more. I love the simplicity of it.

It wasn’t taken today; indeed the sea has been fierce today, and also a rather unbecoming shade of brown. I guess it wasn’t a day for pretty, tranquil sea, with the turmoil going on around us, culminating with the announcement of another National lockdown from midnight.

The tide was definitely coming in when I took the picture. One second the jetty was clear; the next I had to run back to shore to stop my feet from getting soaked. So maybe it is an apt image for today in spite of its serenity. It reminds us that the tide may come in but it will always go out again, without fail. And so too will this time of such sadness, loneliness and self-sacrifice eventually, pass. Until then we just have to stay at home and keep our feet dry.

This image is part of my ‘Daily Print’ series and is purchasable here

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Epple Bay Oystercatcher

What a contrast this morning was to yesterday – the sky was grey and bleak, and my hands were so cold that I had to keep my gloves on. As it wasn’t looking very scenic, I concentrated on photographing birds. I blurred out the background in post production to remove the beige water reflecting the dreary sky. I’ve created a wintery scene that looks almost like the bird is perched amongst snow. We may get the real thing in a couple of days time, so I can compare and contrast if we do.

This image is part of my ‘Daily Print’ series and is purchasable as an A4 print here

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Early morning West Bay

Well, Kent is in Covid Tier 4 so my pop up shop had to close overnight, as have all the local gift shops and galleries. And now Christmas is pretty much over too. Which means I have more time on my hands to go out and take photographs. This morning I was at Westgate on Sea capturing the early light. The water was so calm that I thought for a moment I had been transported to Lake Como. In fact I think today the Kent coastline was looking just as beautiful as the Italian lakes.

It looks like we’ve been given an enforced period of calm in which to see out the old year and, looking at today’s infection rate, this will probably last well into the new year too. So, me and my camera will be having plenty of quality time together. Which means lots more blog posts. To keep me on my toes, I’ll also be making the photos purchasable. So if you like what you see you can also hang it on your wall. For a limited period of time they’ll be available at a special price of just £10 as a print.

This image is part of my ‘Daily Print’ series and is purchasable as an A4 print here