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Fishing boats are lovely splashes of colour on a winter’s day. I love the way the boat colours match not only the buoys but the amusement arcades in the distance, and how the rope leads your eye towards them.

It’s a magical time when the tide goes out and you get a lovely squelchy playground to explore, including these colourful little fishing boats that you can walk right up to. Flash forward a few hours and they will be totally inaccessible. When you see them bobbing up and down on the water, reclaimed as perches by smug seagulls, you’ll think it was all just a surreal dream that you had walked amongst them the very same day.

I have learned that when the tide does come back in it does so very quickly. It is easy to be cut off if you focus too much on taking photos and forget to watch the tide. Fortunately it hasn’t happened to me as yet, though I have had a couple of close calls.

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Lockdown 2 Day 19

It was a beautiful day in Kent today, and somebody made the most of it by taking a little blue rowing boat out onto the most beautiful tranquil waters. But first I watched somebody wheel it across Margate Sands to drop it off before a woman jumped into the boat and rowed slowly out to explore the calm, gentle waters. I felt rather envious watching her make the most of Lockdown, at one with nature on a lovely clear day.

Later we all heard confirmation that the lockdown will be ending on 3rd December. I wonder how many people will be sad to see the end of days like this, when free time meets perfect weather and tranquil waters.

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Lockdown 2 day 11

I forgot to post anything yesterday so I will have to post a bonus picture at some time. Anyway, here’s today’s post – showing a slightly bleak but beautiful shoreline. Every time I go to photograph the Gormley statue ‘Another Time’ in Margate the heavens open and I find myself being battered by wind and rain cursing my life as a photographer. It happened again today and I wasn’t entirely happy with the photos – if it wasn’t my hair blowing against the lens it was rain battering against it. Still I quite like this slightly blurred picture, thanks to the rain, which gives it the painted quality that I like. Sometimes bad weather can be your friend, even if it soaks through your shoes and down your neck.